It’s over. We are packing things and flying home tomorrow. Good, fullfilling week with interesting discussions, contacts and meetings. We were happy to take part.

The night time is lively in Greece. There’s still a lot of audience at the fair although it has scheduled to have ended 10 min. ago.  The audience shows no signs of interest in leaving it.

Here at Art-Athina is also an interesting section of contemporary art curated by Artemis Potamianou. Here some peeks into Paradise Lost:

Earlier on we discussed about the work of the euros on the wall, in the shape of the Greece flag. We were wondering where the art is happening there – maybe someone will steal some euros? No one has so far, there is security guard all the time. So maybe the art is in the […]


Now there is some interesting stuff going on at Kapphatos gallery. One of the most intresting galleries at Downstairs.

The whole time here at Art-Athina we have had a screening of the pictures of works of our Rajataide members. They have gotten good attention and we have been told our Finnish art seems pure and honest to the eyes of the visitors here. 

People are drawn to Eira’s video work. Whenever there is snow appearing on the screen, it drawns in attention.

The Daily Lazy Projects has a statement that includes a quote from Bill Hicks. They must be good people.