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The possibilities lie in the collegial aspect of our practice. Of having faces and names. And more importantly in having a possibility to bring the connections available and openly create them. That being for me the sense in these art fairs. It is like in all human activity about social connections between people – talking, […]

Emptying the Pockets

After sleeping a jetlag away it is a time to go through paper piles, business cards, flyers, catalogs and booklets. Distance faded out the faces and you are instinctively ranking the paper piles in order. Couple of them are burning in your hands and you are going to email amazing exchange ideas to those people… […]

Yellow Is New Black

Cleaning a mess

Money Talks II

Money Talks

A guy works in a company. A company has officies in several countries, so he packs his toothbrush and flies to meet his workmates. The company pays his plain ticket, salary, dinners, drinks and four stars hotel (he wished five). That’s how the business runs. It didn’t go like this with our art fair case. […]

In The End -performance by Kaisa Luukkonen

Photocollage of Kaisas performance.

Hula Balloon

Last day of WHAT A MESS! started with a hula balloon! Great start I´ll say! And we have still left our great publication considering at present and future of artist-run practices. Please fell free to fecht your own copy for free. See You at booth 17!      

Curating meets democracy

You just wanted to make art but one day you end up to build an art fair booth with you colleagues who are basically your friends. What is sophisticated way to do it ? You have five choices: 1. Democracy. That sounds great. You ask all the members of the crew to bring one little […]

Infrastructure of neighbourhood

Appearance doesn’t tell the truth. The seething art fair is lined with sleeping streets. …And gigantic trucks and blackness of night cover the wild after-opening-party.