ABOUT MESS CONTENT : RAJATAIDE BOOTH / JUHANI TUOMI: “Thoughts about painting An Agitator”

Juhani Tuomi : An Agitator

Juhani Tuomi : An Agitator (120 cm x 120 cm, oil and acrylic on canvas, 2012)

An Agitator

“Pink faced devil spreads seed from his horns.  His eyes are wet from anger and of his self-righteousness  He thinks he owns a wisdom, the truth.  This poor devil thinks that it is his duty to spread the semen of his so called wisdom.

You can’t argue with him, he only shouts: “No argument is better than mine!”  You can’t compromise with him, because he wants it all.  He thinks he’s god, and you just have to take it.

Maybe the essense of an agitator is to agitate despite the content.  A Perfect world would be hell to him, he would just disappear.  His semen survives only in hate.” Juhani Tuomi

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