Artist run possibilities PART 1

What kind of possibilities lie in the practices organized by artists? That seems to be the question that is set at the background of this art fair. Despite that artists do make art – and present it – in venues that might be like this art fair – artists also activate, organize and manager different kind of spaces and places as well. The locational set point is evident since for us participating from different cities and countries it is a journey that one must take in order to participate. Move some of the activity elsewhere (meaning now here) and at least try to find a way to present outside of “where we normally are”. That being the case – what is actually presented here is somekind of extension or surrogate for the place or activity and in a way – in the end portaying the identity of “artist-run” here and now.
And that is what should be looked after here.
And I am a little lost here – I have to admit. The tactile interest to me is in getting familiarised with other people and artists-run activities. But for who this is done? The audience, visitors for others? I feel that alienated that I am just presenting something not doing. It is of course my own choice. That is perhaps the reason that we have this blog. To voice out these issues. But I just got caught in discussion with our neighbours- with relevant questions being asked. But I am now going to participate in to the discussion that they will organize here – since with their help we have a translation available.

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