At night I have the time to ask questions and debate with myself. Currently these are the issues buzzing in my mind:

– Why we are participating in this particular art venue as an association?

– Why we were invited in this art venue? What is the target audience of WHAT A MESS? art venue? Were we the “target gallery” in minds of organizers?

– What is the purpose of this kind of gatherings? Do we (Rajataide) need IT as a route to be seen/ recognised?

– Which are the reasons for artist-run spaces (globally) to apply grants and leave to the another country to present gallery activity and member art? Is there need to BENEFIT somehow=? Can we measure it? Do we need to?

And anyways It would be interesting to know if / how much galleries gather potential collaboration partners and even more how many of these “seeds” turn into reality for example as a exhibition exchange etc..

Basic question would be, will these kind of events create new? Will there be some real impact, forward-looking impulse or creating force to been seen? IE shall the spirit sweep over the hydrogenfabrikken?

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