Tomorrow, tomorrow there always shall be tomorrow

So now I got the news that there is space and time for me to do a performance tomorrow afternoon ( the writer being Kaisa Luukkonen ). Hurray ( why do I do this stuff that makes me so scared that I just want to hide in the cleaning cubboard and never come out )! So now the orgenizers are running through verifications what is possible to do in this ship shape brand new place and space. Lets see, lets see…last time I did a performance I was completely covered in tar and flames ate my clothes away ( ) but somehow I don’t think that is going to be the case this time. Something house clean, temporary and (anti)social would do. Should it involve the language issue? Or should it adress the focus of art fares? Whatever will come you are all welcome to come and see it tomorrow afternoon at the Hydrogenfabrikken!

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