Curating meets democracy

You just wanted to make art but one day you end up to build an art fair booth with you colleagues who are basically your friends. What is sophisticated way to do it ? You have five choices:

1. Democracy. That sounds great. You ask all the members of the crew to bring one little piece (you give measurements 30x30x30 cm) and the booth will be a big collage of paintings, drawings, videos, sculptures, and most of the all: title tags.

2. Curating. That sounds cruel. You ask all your friends to send photos of their works and you go through all 200 works. You decide a theme and then pick a few. After a fair you answer to displeased emails which ask the basis of your selections.

3. Monopoly. That sounds gentile. In quiet you choose the one artist who presents all 80 members of the association. No too many phone calls, giant hotel and dinner bills or complicate meetings. Maybe the chosen artist can do all the production work also! The art is better be good.

4. Group project. That sounds fun. You go to a bar with you friends and start to plan. Next day you spend re-planning the project because none of the ideas doesn’t feel so clever. In the fair you have great time but the audience doesn’t dare to entrance you booth and interrupt The Art Process.

5. Recompensing. That sounds either pathetic or generous. In the volunteer work there’s sometimes hard times. No one answer emails and calls, the kindest one does the majority, the system is hold together with the one screw. One day one of those “who could do this” -emails contains a different message: Who could do the art fair? And those who answers will get their art works to exhibit.

Guess which way we chose?


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