Money Talks

A guy works in a company. A company has officies in several countries, so he packs his toothbrush and flies to meet his workmates. The company pays his plain ticket, salary, dinners, drinks and four stars hotel (he wished five). That’s how the business runs.

It didn’t go like this with our art fair case. We were invited to come here in this fair and sure we wanted to come. Rajataide association doesn’t pay salaries or hotels. Who wants to go? Who wants to spend two month’s student money for a flight, dinners and drinks in four days? And my friend, it is lots of krones.

So we applied for grants. For artist that is natural but I can image my neighbour the farmer to criticized us for using society’s resources for such a useless thing as art. (I’m not going there right now, that’s a longer conversation.) Applying the grants is a process to learn, my dear artist reader, but worth of that. There are instancies who understand the importance of the international co-operation and exchange and they are ready to help if you are able to express your aims literally.

Participation in the fair costs alltogether 9980€ (NOK 72 800). It includes travels by the cheapest plane and bus, accommodation in the cheapest hostel, groceries and a nice booklet, which swallows a huge piece from the budget. With the same money I could buy a tractor and some potatoes. Or pay a year rent in Helsinki or 2,5 years rent in Ylöjärvi. Just to descripe size range.

Financial fruits of this trip are difficult to estimate. A guy in the beginning of this post, spends a same amount of money than us but generates who knows how many times more. I heard another story about an forgotten art person who took a bank lone to travel to an art festival to meet people and to become noticed in the art field again. But he returned home without remarkable results. I hope we are luckier.

And yes, we had a conversation in our crew can this post be published. In commercial art fairs the sales are unspoke subject, maybe the grants are in the same position in alternative art venues.

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